Type F options top image
We added the original optional parts for Type FOLDING by step by step to use a lot of feedback from end users.
We designed each original optional parts to add enough practicality for daily use with unspoiled for very unique riding feel of Type FOLDING.
Type FOLDING exclusive optional parts list (You can jump to each product detail information to click the parts name on list.)
Front carrier Bike bag Power support Fender set New pulley set
Front carrier for Type F 1

Tartaruga Type F exclusive Front carrier

JPY 12,000- (without TAX),
JPY 13,200- (include TAX)
You can install to Type F over ver.1.5 to use head tube boss.
Also you can install some basket to use this carrier.

Maximum weight 8kg
Bike bag for Type F1

Tartaruga Type F exclusive Bike bag

JPY 11,400- (without TAX),
JPY 12,540- (include TAX)
You can carry the bike in this bag.
This bag is for Tartaruga Type F exclusive use.
It has some unique functions.

The sets have some components.
They are below:
Small pouch
Main carry bag
Seat carry bag
Bike bag for Type F2
Carry mode

This mode can be carried the bike.
The bike goes into the main carry bag.
And the seat assembly goes into the seat carry bag, it can be carried as shoulder bag.
You have to thread and fasten to bike frame with strap.
Bike bag for Type F3
Move mode

Tartaruga Type F can be freely moved by pushing the handlebar when the main frame folded.
You can use this function when you use bike bag, we called 'Move mode'.
You can open the bottom side of bike bag to opened zipper first, and then roll up the side fabric and fixed to use the Velcro in the bag.
The tier touched to gag fabric inside, so you can only use this mode to move short distance.
Bike bag for Type F4
The seat assembly goes into the seat carry bag.
Bike bag for Type F5
Ride mode

All components go into the small poach, it is also very compact after packing.
And also the small poach can be attached to the seat back support of Type-F by Velcro band when you ride.
Then it is worked to support your efficient pedaling also.
Power support for Type F1

Tartaruga Type F exclusive Power support

JPY 3,000- (without TAX),
JPY 3,300- (include TAX)
Sold out
If your ride to adjust the saddle position backer, you can use this option.
You can get highly efficient pedaling when you install this part, this pad support your back boon directly.

NOTE: The original idea of this optional part came from a owner of Type F 'Mr, Ukima.
Power support for Type F2
NOTE: You can not install this optional part together with Bike bag's ride mode.
Fender for Type F1

Fender set for Tartaruga Type F

JPY 3,550- (without TAX),
JPY 3,905- (include TAX)
This is fender set for Tartaruga Type FOLDING.
This is perfectly fitting for Type F when you install.
Fender for Type F2
Front fender
It can be attached easily with only one screw.
Fender for Type F3
Rear fender
It can be attached or removed without using any tools.
Fender for Type F4
Pulley for Type F1

Tartaruga Type F exclusive New pulley set

JPY 6,800- (without TAX),
JPY 7,480- (include TAX)
The option parts 'new pulley set for Tartaruga type F' can do the up-grade to the as same as 2004 model from your original pulley of the Tartaruga Type F.
It has O ring and Bearing for silent riding and also new screw attached.

NOTE: The O ring is expendables.
You have to adjust the pulley position when you change to new pulley set.