You can have many choice to go fishing to somewhere, and go to there by bike has many advantage.
It's not necessary to find parking space to park like car, also it is big advantage for mobility to go to near fishing point easily especially lure fishing what try to find the best point!
Also you have to carry many items and devices to go fishing, you can carry them to use Type SPORT's carry capacity by easily, that's why we think this is ultimate combination.
'Fishing' and 'Turning with Tartaruga Type SPORT', that is 'Tsuri~ing' (Japanese call 'Tsuri' for fishing, so this name is just mixed 'Tsuri' and 'Turing'.) what exactly 'New hybrid emotion' to mix two enjoyment!

Tartaruga Type SPORT is the best choice for someone like fishing and who looking for the bike to go fishing, also we recommend this 'Tsuri~ing' for someone has no interesting for fishing yet but also interesting for Tartaruga Type SPORT, or already has Tartaruga Type SPORT!
Especially 'Light salt game' what using small lure (worm, metal jig) is not necessary to prepare bite, it is the best match with Tartaruga Type SPORT.
'Mountain stream fishing' is also good match with Tartaruga Type SPORT.
Let's pack your fishing rod and some devices to your pannier bag, and then let's go for 'Tsuri~ing' to fishing field where you want to go!
Pack your fishing rod to under the top tube
You can pack your fishing rod what packing length less than 46cm to under the top tube like this picture to use 'Dokodemo bottle cage adapter' to install.
This style is easy to carry and ride perfectly.

Note : You need some simple spacer if your fishing rod is too thin to install.

'Tsuri~ing' style with Tartaruga
How do you approach to your fishing field?
-Car + Tartaruga Type SPORT
-Train + Tartaruga Type SPORT
-Tartaruga Type SPORT only
-Car + Tartaruga Type SPORT
It can be loaded to car easily after easy folding the Type SPORT, so you can go and park your car near fishing field, and then you can rid Type SPORT to approach to your fishing point even there is a little far by walk.

Even small K car with 4 passengers seat arrange, Type SPORT can be loaded by easy folding form like this picture.
-Train + Tartaruga Type SPORT
You can take train to go to train station near your fishing field with easy folded Type SPORT, then can be approached to your fishing point to ride Type SPORT from the train station like 'Rinko'.

You can get the information about 'Rinko' by Tartaruga Type SPORT HERE.
-Tartaruga Type SPORT only
Of cause you can go direct to fishing field to rid Tartaruga Type SPORT.
Where do you fish?
Fishing is quite profound hobby like it can be wrote many books, so we don't want to say many things here. But important point is that you have to fish in good 'point' simply where fish are there.

Especially for lure fishing what 'Run and Gun' style to try to find the best point, it try to fish then if not get any reaction, just move to next point to continue to repeat.
If you take Type SPORT to move to 'next' point or to find 'new' point, it is super easy to check big area.
Tartaruga Type S exclusive
'Rod holder'
We will lunch the new optional part for Type SPORT 'Rod holder' soon.
After installed this 'Rod holder', you can ride Type SPORT with rod after set up for fishing, not necessary un-pack your rod, so you can start fishing immediately to arrive to next 'point'.
'Run and Gun' style to find fish
After you install 'Rod holder' you can start fishing immediately when you park Type SPORT in next 'point'.
And then can be moved to other point immediately if you think no fish there.
You can move to next point easily even a little far to give up by walk, so your possibility to catch the fish higher!
Simply let you go to move next point where you think fish there.
It works for set up stand
The 'Rod holder' works for set up stand when you set up your fishing rod or change the lure by smooth and smart.
The 'Front rack' also useful
You can install small cooler box to 'Front rack type B' like this picture.
Simply you can use bangy cord to install the small cooler box to front rack, we recommend to add anti vibration pad between cooler box and front rack, it work for protect to make scratch and make noise.

You can use rear rack when you want to brig large size cooler box.
Also have Coffee brake
You can carry 'Outdoor coffee set' to use your pannier bag also!
You can have nice relax time with fresh coffee during play fishing.
It awesome time comes to get!

You can get more information about 'Outdoor cafe' by Tartaruga Type SPORT HERE.