Tartaruga Type SPORT has can be used 'Super easily' for 'Rinko + Camping', because we developed the Type SPORT with its focus on being the SUV of bikes with its basic configuration being ready for carrying capacity.
It quickly changes to 'Camp touring' style just add a backpack something like 50L to your usual 'Rinko style' with side bag panniers.
When you fold your bike, you can carry this extra backpack by shoulder, then you can roll your bike easily.
Actually, we already has this proposal 'Tartaruga Type SPORT + Camp touring' when we start to sell Tartaruga Type SPORT.
However, in that moment, 'Camp touring' style was not very easy for everyone, because good camping gears ware expensive and a bit heavy, and also Campground's equipment was a little inconvenience.

But now, camping gears had big evolution, price goes down, quality increase then weight turned to light, so you can buy easily them.
Also many Campground's equipment turned to well.
So we propose 'Solo camp' witch you selected well for your minimum gears to pack combine with 'Rinko' with Tartaruga Type SPORT, that's 'Tartaruga Type SPORT + Camp touring'.

Let's go camping to pack your gears and to take our Tartaruga!!
You can go everywhere!
Let's go to somewhere you've never gone before to take the capability of 'Rinko' with Tartaruga Type SPORT to use campground around the world!

You can go everywhere to take 'Rinko' with Tartaruga Type SPORT witch in combination with other transportation like train, airplane, and/or bus.
Maybe there is the 'New world' where you've never seen before, just take a little time and a bit pushed your mind to try to visit there at least once.

The beginning of a little adventure!
'Camp touring' style
It quickly changes to 'Camp touring' style just add a backpack around 50L to your usual 'Rinko style' with side bag panniers.

That's SUV of bike, Tartaruga Type SPORT has secure carrying capacity, it's totally different capability for stable carrying capacity and high performance riding compare with 'Bike packing'.
Gears for 'Solo camp'
ou can pack all gears for 'Solo camp' below, to use a backpack around 50L.

- 1. Tent (For 1~2 person size)
- 2. Sleeping bag
- 3. Air mattress (To lay under the sleeping bag)
- 4. Compact foldable chair
- 5. Inner sheet of tent
- 6. Camping Cookware Mess Kit
- 7. Potable dinnerware set
- 8. Camping lantern
The other gears for camping, like small portable stove, you many pack to side bag pannier.

- Small portable stove
- Cassette type Gas for stove
(You can not carry any gas when you take air plane, even you ask to keep cargo space when you checking in. But you can buy this type of gas almost every convenience store easily after you arrive.)
- Coffee dripper
- Coffee mill
- Paper filter
- Coffee beans
- Mug cap

Arrive to your destination field
After arrive to your destination field, find your ideal site in campground then set up your tent first.
Nothing to do, it's very 'Luxury'
After set up your tent, just have seat and to see around you field well.
Feel a breeze through side of your face, and you can hear the small singing of birds, your feel re-fresh from deeply inside in your mind.

There is nothing, and nothing to do, please enjoy this very 'Luxury' time by yourself.
Out door cafe
We already proposed that 'Out door cafe with Tartaruga', you can enjoy the relax time with coffee or tea, that's also great time for you.
Let's have fun Outdoor cooing!
Carry some simple food material to pack to your pannier bag, your camping site will turn to your exclusive 'Out door restraint'!!
You can get fresh vegetable at roadside stand or stop at supermarket on the way to there.

Even simple meal, it will be a luxurious meal just turn to 'Out door meal'.

Of cause if you cook well to put some time into it, that turns out more luxurious meal.
It turns out to purpose to see many star in the dark sky!
It's great experience to see many star in the dark sky from the country side where could not reach the city light.
You will realize again that there is always many star in the sky at night.
Let's go to see this priceless emotional experience by your own eyes!
Enjoy the bonfire
Bonfire has strange charm.
Just to see the bonfire flame flutter, our mind change to comfort and feel so good, we can see it forever.
We almost lost to have a chance to see real flame in daily life, I guess that our super old DNA starts to work a bit in our deep mind.

NOTE: Each campground has different regulation about 'Bonfire', please follow the regulation when you do 'Bonfire'.
It's also fun together with your friends!
We introduce how to do 'Solo camp' with Tartaruga Type SPORT in this contents.
But of cause you can go together with your friends to prepare own gears by everyone, it's also fun!
+ 'Tsuri~ing'
Carry a little your fishing gears to pack to your pannier bag, you can enjoy 'Tsuri~ing' at campground beside ocean or lake side even small river in the mountain area.
It is also available to get fresh fish for your camping meal if you have good skil…
They work for disaster emergency gears too
We introduce some camping gears in this contents, but also these gears work for disaster emergency gears too.

Of case it is the best no disaster happen. However if it happen, if you have experience of 'Solo camp', it big help your disaster emergency situation.
Your real experience will turn to great property, it has much more value compare with 'practice'.